Regional Coordinators (RCs) from Kenya’s State Department of Youth Affairs and Arts celebrated their graduation after successfully completing a transformative three-day Mind Education training program. Held at the IYF center in Kasarani, this event marked a significant partnership between the State Department and the International Youth Fellowship (IYF). Mr. Raymond Ochieng, Secretary of Youth Development, represented PS Ismail Maalim Madey during the ceremony.

The comprehensive training covered diverse areas, including the World of The Heart, Resilience and Purposefulness, Deep Thinking, Connection and Exchange, and Desired Change. It featured engaging activities such as book reading and review, daily quizzes, group work, discussions, presentations, and action planning. Notably, team-building activities with IYF counterparts were integrated to enhance program effectiveness.

“This training has presented a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of our officers. The skills and new insights acquired will result in greater confidence, increased productivity, innovation, and deeper cooperation with our partners, leading to greater benefits for our youth,” emphasized Mr. Raymond Ochieng, Secretary of Youth Development.

The training was spearheaded by Ms. Emily Maina, the Director of Youth Social Development, who during her remarks extended her heartfelt appreciation to the International Youth Fellowship (IYF), recognizing their invaluable contribution in making this transformative training initiative possible.

This training equipped RCs with essential skills, making them Trainers of Trainers (TOTs), aligning with the government’s objective of preparing youth to effectively tackle life’s challenges. With 12 officers graduating in this session and an additional 50 who completed similar training earlier, Kenya now has a strong cadre of TOT trainers. This development strengthens the nation’s capacity to empower its youth for a brighter future.