YOUTH CONNEKT AFRICA SUMMIT 2023: Igniting Innovation and Fostering Connections for a Borderless African Renaissance

The much-anticipated Youth Connekt Africa Summit 2023 is set to take center stage in December, bringing together over 20,000 youths from all across the continent. Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba, alongside PS Ismail Maalim Madey, today hosted a breakfast meeting for the African Diplomatic Corp (Africa Group of Ambassadors, providing updates on the progress of preparations for this transformative event.

The summit, which will be held under the theme “Youth innovating a borderless African Renaissance,” aims to harness the power of youth innovation and foster connections that will propel Africa towards a prosperous future. The gathering promises to be a dynamic hub of ideas, collaboration, and transformative thinking.

Distinguished guests, including Excellencies, High Commissioners, Heads of State agencies, Corporate leaders, and representatives from various African countries, graced the meeting. Their presence stands as a testament to the significance and wide-ranging support that the Youth Connekt Africa Summit has garnered.

In his address, CS Hon Ababu Namwamba expressed heartfelt gratitude to all stakeholders and organizers who were instrumental in bringing this remarkable event to life. Recognizing the importance of inclusivity, Namwamba highlighted Kenya’s implementation of a comprehensive whole-of-government approach, which ensures the involvement of citizens from all segments of society.

Supporting Namwamba’s statements, PS Ismail Maalim Madey reiterated the key goals of the Pan-African event. He emphasized its potential to unite Africa and create a prosperous future for young people by highlighting their innovative ideas and fostering meaningful connections across borders.

The Cabinet Secretary appealed to partners in attendance to help mobilize the participation of young people from their respective countries. Recognizing the importance of engagement at all levels, Namwamba mentioned that the team would be working closely with embassies and missions to ensure the broad representation and participation of African youth.

Throughout the breakfast meeting, Ambassadors and Heads of missions expressed their unwavering commitment and support for the upcoming summit. Their pledges ensured that the Youth Connekt Africa Summit 2023 would be a collaborative effort, with diverse perspectives and experiences at the forefront.

As the meeting concluded, the stage was set for a dynamic and transformative summit in December. The Youth Connekt Africa Summit 2023 looks forward to welcoming young leaders from across the continent to Nairobi, Kenya, where their innovative ideas will be encouraged, connections forged, and collaborations made to drive Africa forward.