WRC Safari Rally Celebrates 70th Anniversary with Spectacular Highlights


Naivasha, Kenya – The 70th anniversary of the WRC Safari Rally took place from 22nd to 25th June 2023, captivating motorsport enthusiasts from around the globe. The rally, hosted in Naivasha, witnessed a fierce competition among the world’s finest rally drivers, with Sebastien Ogier emerging as the victorious champion. However, the event showcased more than just thrilling races, as the launch of the Talanta Hela Hustla Bazaar brought a glimmer of hope to local traders and residents, who gathered in large numbers at the Buffalo Mall.

The Talanta Hela Hustla Bazaar, introduced by the esteemed Cabinet Secretary of Youth Affairs, the Arts, and Sports, Ababu Namwamba, aimed to empower young individuals by helping them monetize their talents and foster business growth. With fervor and dedication, CS Ababu Namwamba expressed the government’s commitment to the bottom-up economic transformation agenda through the Hustla Bazaar initiative. The primary objective was to create a plethora of opportunities for individuals at the grassroots level, enabling them to become job creators in their own right.

Within the Hustla Bazaar, event organizers provided a dedicated platform for emerging entrepreneurs to showcase and market their products, while simultaneously expanding their professional networks. This groundbreaking move marked the first time in the history of the safari rally that designated spaces were allocated to small-scale traders, effectively leveling the playing field with larger corporations.

In a bid to promote the Talanta Hela initiative among the youth and the general public, this year’s WRC after-party entrance was declared free of charge, as per the directive of CS Ababu Namwamba. Additionally, local artists took the stage, lending an unprecedented touch to the event, as previous editions were renowned for international artist performances catering to the attendees.

As a gesture of goodwill towards the youth, CS Namwamba ensured the attendance of all interns from the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Arts, and Sports at the WRC Safari Rally in Naivasha. The interns had the opportunity to interact with fellow spectators, immerse themselves in the rally’s atmosphere, and engage in domestic tourism. Prior to the rally’s conclusion, the interns participated in an interactive session with CS Namwamba, where they received valuable insights into the Ministry’s mandate and its unwavering support for the youth.

The 70th anniversary of the WRC Safari Rally in Naivasha became an extraordinary celebration of motorsport excellence intertwined with the transformative power of the Talanta Hela Hustla Bazaar. The event not only thrilled rally enthusiasts but also uplifted local traders and inspired the next generation of entrepreneurs, solidifying Kenya’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering inclusive economic growth.