Successfully implementing Performance Contracts by Ministries, Agencies, and Departments (MDAs) is key in the actualization of the government’s Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) geared towards Kenya’s economic turnaround.

Principal Secretary, State Department for Youth Affairs & The Arts Mr. Ismail Maalim Madey said this on Monday, 28th, August this year, while facilitating the Ceremony of the signing of Performance contracts for State Agencies within the Ministry of Youth Affairs, The Arts and Sports for the Financial Year 2023/24.

PS Maalim urged Board chairpersons, Members, CEOs, and government officials in MDAs to tighten their systems to prevent corruption. “Each one of us will be held accountable for our actions” he added

“It is no longer business as usual”, PS Maalim said and urged the Ministry’s top Leadership, who included, Board Chairpersons, CEO and senior officials to go the extra mile,  to ensure that the deliverables as captured in their Performance Contracts, were not only achieved, in their attainment, but exceeded the expectations of Kenyans, for enhanced Service delivery in their sectors, more so, in that of the Youth, The Arts & Sports.

PS Maalim had facilitated the signing of the Performance Contract Ceremony at his State Department’s Boardroom at Kencom House, for onward transmission to the CS.

The PS noted that the Ministry, through the able Leadership of the CS, Hon. Ababu Namwamba, EGH, is effectively tackling and surmounting challenges facing the sector, with the ultimate focus of implementing its mandate successfully for improved livelihoods.

Speaking on behalf of the CS during the event, PS Maalim observed that the Ministry’s Current leadership took over, at a time when the sports and creative industries, despite their significant potential, were constrained by a myriad of challenges, including indefinite suspension from international football competitions, poor state of infrastructure, and incoherent policy, legal, and institutional frameworks.

The PS assured Kenyans and the public at large, that the Ministry has embarked on deliberate, intentional, and structured priorities to ensure that the sports and creative industries weather and surmount the challenges, through short, medium, and long-term strategies.

The Key deliverables the Ministry is implementing in FY 2023/2024 are;

  • Create employment opportunities for the youth under youth skilling employment and wealth creation
  • Develop the Creative Industry including music, fashion, broadcasting, crafts, etc.
  • Promote and market the film industry locally and internationally
  • Anti-Doping Campaigns
  • Conduct National Sports Talent Camps
  • Undertake Motor-Sports Training
  • Establish a Digital Talent Hub
  • Establish Sports Training Academies
  • Talanta Hela Football Tournament
  • Upgrade sports and arts infrastructure to international standards in readiness for AFCON 2027
  • Provide financial support to promote sports, arts, and social development
  • Promote innovations and startups under the Presidential Innovation Challenge Award.
  • Strengthen the participation of youth in leadership and governance
  • Market the virtual library services

The purpose of Performance Contract in Government is to establish the basis for ensuring that efficient and effective services are delivered to Kenyans in line with the provisions of the Constitution. MDAs are required to adopt systems that enable innovativeness and adaptability of public services to the needs of users through automation and onboarding of services on the e-citizen platform

Those who attended this event included:

Secretary Youth Development, Mr.  Raymond Ochieng HSC

Secretary of Administration, Youth Affairs and the Arts, Mrs Kula H. Hache, MBS.

Others were, Dr. Angella Koech Director Anti-Doping Agency Kenya (ADAK), Margaret Kiogora A.g C.E.O National Youth Council (NYC), Ms. Sophy N Waliaula Chairperson National Youth Council NYC.

Ambassador Daniel Makdwallo Chairperson, Anti-Doping Agency Kenya (ADAK), Bishop R.  Theuri Maina chairman, Kenya National Library Services (KNLS) and

Peter Gitari Chairman, Sports Kenya

Dr. Doreen Odhiambo, CEO, Kenya Academy of Sports, Pius Metto, Director General, Sports Kenya,

Dr Charles Nzivo C E.O Kenya National Library services

David Okoti – Director Quality and Standards Kenya Academy of Sports, and

John Okwemba Director Research Kenya Academy of Sports were also in attendance.

Below is the list of more Ministry officials who also attended-:

Martin Yauma – Head Education and Research ADAK,

Maurice Nyaoke – Head Planning Sports Kenya

Caroline Chebet – Head Planning NYC

Cyrus Ndogo – Head Planning KNLS

Ladisclaus Regis Ondieki  – Assistant Director Department of Film Services,

Monica Omoro – Head Communication SDYAA

Joel Iluve – Head Planning SDYAA among others