The State Department for Youth Affairs, in a proactive move, organized a powerful sensitization event today at the Nairobi Film Centre, focusing on the Begreen initiative. The event which was hosted by the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) aimed to equip the youth with the skills and mindset needed to become successful entrepreneurs.

During this enlightening event, the State Department strongly encouraged the vibrant youth to promptly enroll in the BeGreen Entrepreneurship Programme. This program, in collaboration with UNICEF, IKEA Foundation, and the Tony Elumelu Foundation, offers valuable entrepreneurship training at no cost, presenting an incredible opportunity for the youth to kickstart their businesses. Additionally, the participant with the most innovative idea stands a chance to secure $5,000 in seed funding.

Representing the PS, Ismail Maalim Madey, the Secretary of Youth Development, Mr. Raymond Ochieng, emphasized the significance of the Talanta Hela project, an initiative spearheaded by CS Ababu Namwamba in the Ministry of Youth and Sports. This project is specifically designed to harness the creativity and talents of the youth in Kenya, ultimately transforming them into valuable income-generating assets. “Every individual possesses a unique talent waiting to be discovered, nurtured, and transformed into a viable source of income.” Said Mr. Ochieng. In his closing remarks, he strongly encouraged the youth to register for the upcoming Youth Connekt summit, scheduled for 8th to 13th December 2023.

Emily Maina, the Director of Youth Social Development, delivered an inspiring speech, urging the youth to actively engage with the myriad of opportunities that the government has made available to them. She emphasized the importance of taking advantage of the BeGreen Entrepreneurship Programme in order to gain the necessary skills and knowledge for success.

Adding to the significance of the occasion, Mr. Joel Wamalwa, the CEO of KFCB, shed light on the board’s mandate and the vast array of facilities available for creatives. He emphasized the importance of creative arts and the Digital Literacy Program, urging the youth to leverage the resources offered by KFCB to unleash their creative potential. Additionally, he encouraged them to actively participate in the Talanta Hela initiative, recognizing the immense value in nurturing their artistic talents.

Notably, Mr. Wamalwa revealed that the government has been engaged in discussions with leading social media platforms, including TikTok. These discussions aim to explore opportunities for our youth to monetize their creative endeavors on these platforms, offering a chance for them to showcase their talent and generate income.

In addition to these key stakeholders, the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) also played a pivotal role during the event, providing invaluable knowledge and expertise in the realm of mind education. Their contribution proved instrumental in further empowering the potential and capabilities of our youth, equipping them with the necessary mental tools for future success.

Addressing the theme of green economy and climate change, Ms. Nancy Ngethe from the WEEE Centre took the stage to discuss their efforts in E-waste management. She highlighted the importance of collecting and recycling used electronics to promote environmental protection. The WEEE Centre not only creates employment opportunities but also reduces the environmental impact of electronics, conserves resources, and advocates for sustainable practices.

The youth who had the opportunity to share their views expressed deep gratitude to the State Department for organizing such an enlightening event. They earnestly requested to be kept informed about future activities and engagements, acknowledging the importance of their active participation in shaping their own future.