The second day of the youth peace and security Town Hall meeting kicked off at Kariokor Social Hall in Starehe where Secretary Youth Development, Raymond Ochieng HSC continued to engage with the youth from Kamukunji, Ruaraka, Starehe, Mathare, and Mlango Kubwa wards. The event which was held by the State Department for Youth Affairs in conjunction with Horn of Africa Youth Network, County Governance Watch, the County Government of Nairobi, National Youth Council, IPHRD and ACT Kenya, provided an invaluable opportunity for these youth to voice their grievances, concerns, and aspirations to the government.
Representing PS Ismail Maalim Madey, Mr. Ochieng, interacted with the youth, emphasizing the government’s commitment to listening and supporting them in their journey towards an entrepreneurial spirit. He introduced the concept of the Bottom-Up Transformation Agenda (BETA) and encouraged the youth to share their views and ideas on youth peace and security. “We value your opinions, and we want to include them in our initiatives,” he assured the gathering.
In his address, Mr. Ochieng highlighted the importance of utilizing the resources available to the youth. He urged them to take full advantage of facilities like the Youth Enterprise Development Fund, Hustler Fund, and Uwezo Fund to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Drawing attention to another project called BeGreen, which is a collaboration with UNICEF, the Secretary emphasized the significance of environmental sustainability. He encouraged the youth to actively participate in this initiative, recognizing the transformative impact they could have on their own lives and their communities.
Additionally, Secretary Ochieng informed the youth about the upcoming Youth Connekt Africa Summit, emphasizing the opportunity for growth and networking that this event provides. He urged them to be proactive in participating and making connections that could shape their future positively.
The Director of Youth Social Development, Emily Maina, also present at the event, reassured the youth that the State Department for Youth Affairs and their partners were there to listen and engage in meaningful conversations. She urged the youth to feel free to express their views, highlighting the importance of their role as champions of peace and security.
During the event, other notable figures addressed the youth as well. The Deputy County Commissioner Starehe, John Kisang, urged the youth to become catalysts for peace, inspiring others to cultivate peace-loving mindsets. They emphasized that through collective effort, the community could move forward together.
The Starehe Deputy administration police commandant, Mr. John Kiplangat affirmed the government’s commitment to supporting the youth in their journey towards employment opportunities. He encouraged them to take full advantage of the Talanta Hela initiative, reminding them of the potential financial gains it could provide.
The event concluded with a renewed sense of hope and determination as the empowered youth from Starehe, Mathare, Kamukunji, and surrounding constituencies left the town hall meeting. Their voices had been heard, and they were determined to become ambassadors of peace and security within their communities. With the government’s continued support and their own dedication, these youth were ready to create positive change and a prosperous future for themselves and those around them.
Others participants were Daniel Kirui, Regional Coordinator for Youth Nairobi, Maurice Mureithi, County Director for Youth Nairobi, Stanley Mucheru representing the MP Stahehe, David Momanyi and Diana Ouma from Horn of Africa Youth Network, Kevin Osido and Edna Miriti from County Governance Watch – CGW Kenya, Susan Wamalwa, IPHRD, Kevin Walusala, Multifunctional Youth Forum and Chris Kingori, YMCA.