The State Department for Youth Affairs and Creative Economy convened for a Performance Contract Progress Report meeting for the financial year 2023/2024. This session took place in the department’s main boardroom at Kencom, involving Directors, Heads of Departments, and National Project Coordinators for Youth Empowerment Centres, VIVA, and NYOTA (Former KYEOP KENYA)
The meeting was led by the Head of Planning, Mr. Joel Iluve, who meticulously reviewed the current implementation status of the Performance Contract (PC) Indicators and Targets for Quarter 3 of FY 2023/2024. Specific attention was paid to those targets that are lagging, with strategic directions provided to accelerate their progress.
Mr. Iluve emphasized the importance of rigorous PC Appraisal, which is based on the actual achievement of targets. He urged Directors and Heads of Departments to prioritize executing these PC Targets, and to promptly address any challenges impeding their successful implementation.