Today, CS Ababu Namwamba and Principal Secretary for Youth Affairs, Ismail Maalim, united in their mission to enlist the media’s support in spreading the word about the upcoming Youth Connekt Africa Summit among Kenya’s youth.

They made their appeal during the Youth Connekt Africa media breakfast, where PS Maalim expressed his gratitude for the media’s presence and encouraged them to actively engage with the ministry, sharing ideas that could benefit Kenya’s youth.

PS Maalim highlighted that the YCA Summit 2023 would serve as a valuable platform for young people to connect with their leaders, enabling them to voice their thoughts on effectively addressing the challenges they encounter. The summit’s goal is not only to create entrepreneurial opportunities for Kenya’s youth but also to facilitate meaningful interactions between them and their counterparts from across the African continent.

Amidst this gathering, Mr. Raymond Ochieng, the Secretary for Youth Development, urged the media to collaborate with the government and leverage their youth programs to inform young Kenyans about the YCA summit. He emphasized the significance of seizing this opportunity for the benefit of our youth. Ochieng earnestly called upon the media to take the message and spirit of the YCA summit to young people in remote areas of Kenya, humbly requesting their commitment to reach out and assist in their participation.

Ms. Madelina, the Deputy Regional Coordinator for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), was also present and stressed the importance of embracing African pride. She encouraged Kenya to use this occasion as a platform to showcase the richness of African culture, with a special focus on sports, where Kenya and Ethiopia excel, and the promotion of arts and film. She urged the media to make these aspects trend during the Summit, capturing both local and international attention.

In conclusion, PS Ismail Maalim’s call to the media to engage with the ministry and raise awareness of the Youth Connekt Africa Summit reflects the government’s commitment to empowering and uplifting Kenya’s youth. The collaboration between the government, media, organizations like the UNDP, and dedicated Youth-Serving Organizations will play a pivotal role in harnessing the potential of Kenya’s youth and spotlighting the opportunities presented by the YCA Summit.