Today, the State Department for Youth Affairs and the Creative Economy convened a crucial consultation meeting at the Council of Governors headquarters in Delta Corner, Westlands, Nairobi. The purpose of this gathering was to discuss the development of a dedicated website aimed at capturing the stories of Kenyan young people and the ministry’s journey over the years.
During the meeting, Deputy Director of Policy Research and Youth Mainstreaming, Olivia Ouko, emphasized the urgent necessity for an online information hub tailored for the youth. She highlighted that a knowledge management hub would serve as a vital tool for the department to document and make information readily accessible to the general public.
Rosemary Nyambura, the Head of the Planning Department at the Council of Governors, took the representatives from the State Department for Youth Affairs through their online knowledge management website, “Maarifa.” This platform is designed to house records of county success stories, innovations, and various other valuable information.
Also present was Francisca Kanini, who emphasized the importance of the Department embracing this initiative. By organizing information for the youth, the goal is to empower them economically and provide essential guidance on locating opportunities across the nation. This endeavor is aimed at equipping the youth with the tools they need to thrive and succeed.