Kenya is making deliberate, intentional, and structured investments to spur the Orange Economy and to present the Youth with opportunities to showcase and monetize skills and talents with quality content in line with the TalantaHela initiative.
This was said on Tuesday, 3rd, October this year by the Principal Secretary State Department for Youth Affairs & The Arts Ministry of Youth Affairs, The Arts and Sports, PS Mr. Ismail Maalim Madey. ” I want to encourage KCA Students, and others, to pursue their passions and dreams in the Orange economy and innovation. From visual arts, theatre and film industry, dance and music there are great opportunities to take advantage of your skills and talents to monetize, create jobs, and contribute to the growth of the national economy. Content creation has become a digital avenue for creating revenue streams and young people have immense opportunities to take advantage of”, said PS Maalim. The PS spoke at the KCA UNIVERSITY during the launch of the Cultural Week and celebrations of KCA University marking its 10-year anniversary.
“The Government has readied several initiatives and resources available to support youth in their artistic endeavors. Through our flagship project Talanta Hela, we have started a grassroots program of talent identification, scouting, and nurturing talents countrywide. Individuals scouted with unique talents in sports are progressed to Kenya Academy of Sports and those in arts are linked to various creative opportunities they can take advantage of”, PS Maalim revealed.
The PS disclosed that the Government is expanding and revamping the Kenya Cultural Centre popularly known as the Kenya National Theatre to be an international Kenya Cultural Centre incorporating Kenya National Theatre -KNT which will be a kind of its own with a capacity befitting international cultural shows.
“We are also investing in innovation hubs across the country where young people can hone their skills in cultural and creative innovative ventures”, the PS further revealed. He encouraged the youth to register and be part of the Presidential Innovation Challenge by Kenya National Innovation Agency. Confirmed information from the Kenia Facebook page indicates that “The countdown has begun, and the stage is set for you to shine! Submit your innovations now and become a part of a global community that’s shaping the world’s tomorrow.”, here: https://pia.innovationagency.go.ke
The Ministry of Youth Affairs, The Arts and Sports is rolling out co-production schemes and pursuing partnerships that will open up the skilling and capacity building of our creatives. We have signed agreements with Netflix and GIZ on exchange programmes targeting the skilling of our producers and directors the PS further added. “We have co-production agreements with South Africa, Israel, and China among others. We are exploring partnership packages that will include funding opportunities, scholarships, and art capacity-building initiatives. We are working with Grammys of the USA to ensure we produce music targeting the global market and make them earn more resources from their works, the PS further disclosed.
The PS sampled creative & cultural presentations by students and noted that cultural & creative industries have huge untapped potential that Kenya must exploit towards the growth of this multi-million sector in order to reap maximum benefits from it for the benefit of the industry players and all. PS further appreciated the university’s management through Prof. Isaiah Wakindiki VC & CEO of KCA University, for allowing students from 14 different nationalities and over 42 ethnic groups to pursue their passions in the Orange economy and arts through the culture week.
The PS further said, ” Allow me to announce that we will be hosting two major events that are of interest to you as young people. From 27-1 December 2023, we will be hosting the Kenya Innovation Week Commonwealth edition. I challenge KCA University to showcase innovations they have for Kenyans to see and the world to appreciate”, the PS said.
Secondly, in the week running up to the 60th Anniversary of KENYA’s Independence Jamhuri Day, we will celebrate the Africa Youth Connekt Summit from 8th-13 December with delegates from across the continent.
This a grand opportunity for KCA University students to enroll and participate by showcasing their skills and talents during this major summit, PS Maalim further disclosed. Speaking during the event CEO National Youth Council Margaret Kiogora told the students that NYC will continue to support the youth in line with their mandate adding that she looked forward to their participation at the #YouthConnectkAfricaSummit2023
Also at the event was Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Joel Wamalwa who assured them that the government is working round the clock to ensure that the film industry is attractive and young creatives get full support to commercialize their talents.
Prof. Isaiah Wakindiki VC & CEO of KCA urged the students at the event, who were dressed in beautiful, colorful cultural attires from different cultures, to make good use of the newly launched Talanta Hela initiative so that they can actualize its pesa mfukoni slogan for their improved livelihoods.