On Wednesday, October 18th, this year, in Mombasa, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, under the leadership of CS Hon. Ababu Namwamba, EGH, officially inaugurated the CEIL Summit. The summit is themed ‘Getting it Right on Commercialization of Research Outputs & Ideas.’

In his address, CS Namwamba drew parallels between the summit’s focus on commercialization and the Talanta Hela Initiative. He highlighted the shared goal of both initiatives: transforming creativity and innovations into sustainable livelihoods through effective monetization.

PS Ismail Maalim Madey from the State Department for Youth Affairs emphasized the need for a multi-pronged approach to address youth-related issues, underscoring that commercialization of innovation is a crucial pathway. He stated, “Commercialization of research and innovative ideas is a significant issue for any economy to thrive.” The PS pointed out that the failure to commercialize research and innovation remains a major contributor to youth unemployment in the country.

The annual CEIL Summit is strategically designed to encourage innovation, promote entrepreneurship, and facilitate the commercialization of ideas, both within Kenya and on the international stage.